Chassis Design: Prototype 2

Featured, Structures

Our new chassis design has taken a major shift in its compatibility with other parts and its aerodynamics. We have changed our chassis to be thinner to accommodate the change in the width of a human sitting down. At the bottom of the chassis, the inner width is 22 inches and its upper width is […]

December 21, 2018

Need For Speed: Solar Car Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics, Featured

The aerodynamics of our solar car are full steam ahead. A smooth body will ensure that the power from our motors is spent moving the car instead of opposing the drag. Essential elements of our aerodynamic body: Fairings around wheels Smooth airfoil shaped body surrounding chassis Aerodynamic solar panel frame and struts We connected with […]

December 13, 2018

Seating and Safety


While having a working and efficient car is important, it’s all for naught if our car doesn’t comply with the Solar Car Challenge’s safety standards.  It’s imperative that our car is safe for the driver and those around the car and so, acquiring our required 5-point harness and a good seat for our driver was […]

December 12, 2018

Building the Car: Metals and more


One of the most fundamental decisions guiding the construction of the car is the choice of materials.  The strength and weight of materials used decides the size and type of stock used to create components, as well as dictates in part what manufacturing techniques we can use.  This dependency also works in inverse, for example […]

December 11, 2018

Braking With Bicycle Disc Brakes


For the braking system, we are using  brake discs and calipers from bike brakes, including cable activation via lever. When thinking of brake design and the uniquely shaped chassis, we decided we should use the simplest braking method for a prototype. The Solar Car Challenge requires a dual braking system, with separate pedals activating each […]

December 10, 2018

Our Shift from Inventor to SOLIDWORKS


Just recently, we have shifted our Three-Dimensional Modeling software from Autodesk Inventor to Dassault Systems’ SOLIDWORKS. Between the program’s there have been many advantages in using SOLIDWORKS over Inventor, namely the real world application and use of the program allows us to make more critical design decisions without having to build anything. The featured image […]

December 7, 2018

Wheel you tell us a bit more about steering?


UNDERSTANDING AND PROTOTYPING For our initial steering design, we decided to use a rack and pinion connected to a U-joint, which would connect to the steering wheel. To come up with the design, students visited a golf-cart services shop where they looked at the steering components on golf carts to get a better understanding of […]

December 6, 2018

Creating the Skeleton: Chassis Mock-up


One of the first design priorities was creating a fundamental chassis as a foundation for the rest of our car. This decision would guide the rest of the design process. Therefore, we began with the basics. We started by reviewing past designs to generate several ideas for the basic car geometry. From this preliminary brainstorming, we reached […]

December 4, 2018