Adopt a Solar Cell

How to Adopt:

  • Donate online at . Please reach out to us at with any questions.
  • The cost of each cell if $50. You can also choose the color the cell will be filled in with!
  • When donating, please ensure to note in “this donation is in sponsorship of: column: your name, the location of the cell, and the color you would like the cell to be filled in with on the website.
  • Here’s an example: Bob Joe, A13, Dark Blue (you can also give a hex color code like #161644).

How do we use solar cells?

  • The Solar Car Challenge invites us to build and safely race roadworthy solar cars.
  • We use solar panels to drive the car and produce enough electricity to last as long as possible on the race track.
  • Our car can produce up to 1700 watts and in order to produce that electricity, we need your support.

SunPower Maxeon Gen III

  • 400 cells were used on our car from 2019
  • Produce 25-35% more energy compared to conventional cells.
  • These cells are crack resistant, and even when they crack they continue producing energy.

How will your money benefit us?

  • If you Adopt a solar cell on our car, you will be supporting Raisbeck Aviation High School’s Green energy team by helping to pay for the cost of our cells at $50 per donation.
  • Your name will also be part of our website’s Adopt-a-Solar-Cell page.