Thank you to all our sponsors for supporting the RAHS Green Energy Team!

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If you or your company would be interested in being a sponsor, please consider donating to us. You can either donate online here or we can accept a check. Please reach out to us at general@rahsgreenenergy.com with any questions.
No amount is too small and all contributions are tax deductible.
Please contact us for information about tax deductions.

Also consider adopting a solar cell to help support the cost of powering our car. Visit https://rahsgreenenergy.com/sponsors/adopt-a-solar-cell/

Company Matching

Some companies match the donation you make to the RAHS PTSA: Green Energy Team. Check with your employer/department to see if they match donations to our Green Energy Team.

Boeing Matching Funds
As a Boeing employee please take advantage of the Boeing Matching Funds program available to you. Your donation to RAHS Green Energy Team under a RAHS PTSA donation will be matched by Boeing.

Links are available within the Boeing network.  For more information, see the Boeing Gift Matching Program.

Microsoft Employees Donation
Microsoft Matching Funds and Matching Volunteer Hours
Microsoft employees who make donations or volunteer hours to eligible nonprofit organizations can request that Microsoft match their gift. Please use the Microsoft GIVE web site which includes areas for “Give Money” & “Give Time” for matching volunteer hours.

Thank You to all of our Sponsors!

Neutron Star (Donations of $5000 or greater)

Blue Giant (Donations of $1000-$4999 or greater)

Red Giant (Donations of $250-$999 or greater)

Sol (Donations of $50-$249 or greater)

White Dwarf (Donations of a crisp high five or greater)

AT&T, Thomas Connolly, Henry Feehan, Evan Frishholz, Nikhil Joshi, Maddy Masuda, Renee Olson, and Oliver Anderson-Sanford