Thank you to all our sponsors for supporting the RAHS Green Energy Team!

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If you or your company would be interested in being a sponsor, please consider donating to us. You can either donate online here or we can accept a check. Please reach out to us at general@rahsgreenenergy.com with any questions.
No amount is too small and all contributions are tax deductible.

Neutron Star

(Donations equivalent to or greater than $5000)

Blue Giant

(Donations equivalent to $1000-$4999)

Red Giant

(Donations equivalent to $250-$999)


(Donations equivalent to $50-$249)

White Dwarf

(Donation equivalent to a crisp high five or greater)

Evan Frishholz, Renee Olson, Nikhil Joshi, Oliver Anderson-Sanford, Maddy Masuda