Our Shift from Inventor to SOLIDWORKS

Design / Friday, December 7th, 2018

Just recently, we have shifted our Three-Dimensional Modeling software from Autodesk Inventor to Dassault Systems’ SOLIDWORKS. Between the program’s there have been many advantages in using SOLIDWORKS over Inventor, namely the real world application and use of the program allows us to make more critical design decisions without having to build anything.

The featured image for this article is a rough design mockup of the roll cage and roll bar added to the chassis design and is, at the moment of publication, being changed to something else.

Our team consists of 3 separate 3D Modelers. I, Charles, am working on the chassis, roll cage, roll bar, crush zone, and other connections of critical components. Mateo is tasked with creating the model of the wheel assembly and suspension models. Anna is currently working on modeling the steering system based on a model of a golf cart’s steering. See her post to check out more on the steering.

Mateo’s Creation of the Steering System shown in Autodesk Inventor 
Charles’ Chassis Design shown in SOLIDWORKS

The transition from Inventor to SOLIDWORKS has allowed our team to generate better renders, have more options for parts creation, and by experience, have had substantially fewer errors when sweeping, rotating, or even extruding. SOLIDWORKS has shown to be a more reliable software for our team.

Why would we need real-world applications of our parts?

The true essence behind 3D Modeling is to have a model of what we are going to build in real life. That being said, having an accurate representation of the parts and components allows us to run simulations and data crunches on our 3D modeled parts to see how the designs hold up. It is much easier to change something in a software than it is to do it in reality. Parts cost money, extrusion don’t.

View of the wheel suspensions attached to the chassis.
NOTE: this is a preliminary design and the wheel assembly is currently under review.

Overall, our team is making a continuous effort to ensure all of our parts meet rules and regulations. We love what we do and we are eager to continue 3D modeling our car!

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