Designing our onboard telemetry computers

Computer Systems / Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

For our solar car, there are many requirements that we need to meet, and the many more needs to reach optimal performance with our vehicle. We need to design a rear-view camera system, telemetry displays, and a system control panel. In order to accomplish this, we will be using an array of Raspberry Pi B+ Microcomputers, with software running on each to accomplish the specific goals of each use case.

Wiring up the Raspberry Pi to our touch screen display

We are currently outlining preferred software systems to display our control system, we have had success with getting our camera system to work using a wide-angle USB camera.

Configuring the Raspberry Pi with the appropriate software packages

By using a touch screen display, this allows us the flexibility to provide a custom user interface to the Driver, while not requiring a mouse or keyboard to be inside the vehicle.

Setting up all of the wires to connect the Raspberry Pi (top right circuit board) to the display controller (left side circuit board)

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