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Structures / Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Brake Levers

Since our initial post, we have acquired new brake levers that will likely be the final iteration of our cable design for the prototype car. The levers will be attached via steel brake cables to calipers mounted to the suspension. To pull the lever, we are manufacturing a unique pedal to place upon the lever. The lever will be bolted to the car itself so that it can act as a pedal. 

A set of brake levers arranged in parallel to mimic how they will be mounted on our CAD designed brake pedal. Team member: Amrit Singh
Demonstration of levers being actuated. Team member: Amrit Singh

Brake Pedal

The brake pedal was designed by Amrit using CAD. Its function is to meet the Solar Car Challenge regulations while also providing a surface for the driver to apply the brakes with their feet. Amrit had nothing but performance in mind when developing this complex brake pedal. It was designed to replicate the most competitive motor sport brake pedals, comparable to vehicles such as the Dodge Hellcat.

Brake pedal dimensions depicted in CAD.

As of now, after we laser cut the brake pedal from plywood, we will be able to mount the calipers to the suspension (once its assembled) and have a fully functioning braking system.

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