RAHS Green Energy Team’s presentation to the Royal Aeronautical Society Seattle Branch

Featured, Outreach / Friday, February 28th, 2020

February 19th, 10 team members of Raisbeck Aviation High School’s Solar Car Team were hosted by the Royal Aeronautical Society to present at the Museum of Flight; members as well as the general public were in attendance. The presentation lasted about 35 minutes with an additional 15 minute Q&A session. 

The team showed a short video which included pictures and videos of last year’s championship car as well as pictures and videos of the team working on this year’s car and the progress that has been made on it so far. They also talked about the design and strategies of last year’s car compared to this year’s car. Last year’s car had 3 wheels, an external solar array, and triangular design as well as a “build then design” mentality. 

This year’s car will have 4 wheels, an integrated solar array and two-pod catamaran design as well as a “design then build” mentality. This design will allow for a light car while still being rigid, stable, and aerodynamic and the solar array will be low-drag. 

Another difference between this year’s car and last year’s car is driver accommodation. Last year, the car did not accommodate taller drivers, so this year there will be an adjustable seat so that anyone who wants to drive is able to. A few similarities between the old and new car include the suspension and steel chassis. 

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