Incorporating New Members

Featured, General, Outreach / Monday, December 13th, 2021

As the 2021 year comes to an end, we move closer to wrapping up the onboarding curriculum, and begin to incorporate new members in more essential tasks. Doing so will not only further our progress on our car, but also ensure that our team will continue to be successful in the future.

As a team, we work to maintain outreach throughout our progress by writing blog posts. One of the stations that we introduced members to during our onboarding curriculum was how to write blog posts. As a team, we believe that outreach is a critical aspect of our team as it allows for us to communicate our progress and challenges that we have experienced throughout the process of building a solar car. Our blog station allowed for new members to learn how to effectively communicate progress made. As new member Evan Payauys (11) states, “One thing I learned from the station was how to intertwine images with text in an article. I had never done any sort of blog writing before and am glad to have written my first blog in a good learning environment.”  Overall, the blog post writing station stressed this importance to new members and required them to demonstrate that they could write an effective blog post. This ensures that we are able to allow for others to follow our progress and increase interest in the idea of solar cars. 

In order to further incorporate new members into our outreach efforts, we transition to more frequent posts to allow for new members to begin writing blog posts. This will provide different perspectives on various experiences of the onboarding curriculum and more information about what tasks were necessary to complete each lesson as well as progress on various tasks. As Alexis Lee (11) states, “I am super excited for the more frequent blog posts. The solar car project is a complex journey, and our blog is an amazing platform to share our intriguing discoveries along the way!”  

We are excited to keep you informed as we continue to progress on the car, as well as set our new members up to have meaningful roles on the team. We encourage you to continue to follow our blog, especially during our transition to more frequent posts!

Teddie Blahous (12) teaches new members about the car

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  1. Excellent blog piece, Emily. It’s great to share the team’s process and progress through unique posts by individual team members.

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