Welding Mentor Groups

Featured, General, Structures / Monday, March 21st, 2022

From the very beginning of the Green Energy Team, we have learned to break up major projects into smaller tasks in order to build a successful solar car. An essential subteam is our welding group, who operates within the structural and mechanical engineering aspects of the car. Primary tasks for a welder on the team include assembling the chassis, roll cage, and rollbar. Teddie Blahous [12], the lead welder, will be graduating high school in just a few short months. This means that the team will be in need of future welders to lead major projects in the future. Finding people who are excited to weld the car is one thing, but finding the right people who are aware, methodical, and precise is key. 

It is critical to give all team members the opportunity to learn the mechanics behind welding. With some time and patience, welders improve their skills and confidence. We have already had some extremely promising new welders within the club, quickly demonstrating their advanced knowledge about certain techniques and problem solving skills. Atticus Caudle [9], an enthusiastic welder, says “welding is a great skill to know. This can be very helpful to know not only in the solar car club, (but also) later in life.” I have a lot of confidence that when I am gone these students will continue to improve and refine their skills over the years. But also in the future, they can mentor younger members in MIG welding, passing on the skills and knowledge over the years.

Teddie Blahous (12) supervises a new member while they practice welding

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  1. Your mentoring and onboarding of new and future team members is very wise. This is critical for maintaining a well functioning Solar Car Team for years to come. Good work and Continue Success!

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