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Featured, General, Outreach / Monday, May 30th, 2022

The RAHS Green Energy Team is a massive project involving a myriad of moving parts that all work together to make the complete product. With so much happening all around to get the car ready for competition, it may be difficult for those on the outside to keep up with everything that is going on. This is where another side of the project comes into play, documentation and outreach.

Some of the major focuses of the team are communication and community engagement. Being transparent with our club’s activities allows for both sponsors and the general public to be in the know about what goes on behind our shop doors; blog posts, outreach events, and showcases allow for interest retention and new interests. This year, we’ve accomplished a lot during the preparation of the car for the competition, and the documentation that comes along with it is crucial not only for regulation purposes but also for our team’s outreach.

Photography is a massive part of the club documentation. Our documentation spans all the way from completed mechanical parts to work sessions and progress updates. The photos taken by our club members can be used in various ways, such as blog posts, social media posts, and personal outreach, which can drive further interest and engagement for the club. Our members have done a wonderful job so far this season by documenting their individual and group projects as well as other events happening around the shop, on top of their hard work putting the car together. Our photo library currently has hundreds of pictures of all the various accomplishments that have been made thus far, such as our solar panels and electronic systems. The photo library will continue to grow throughout the year.

Eric Nguyen (10) and Alexis Lee (11) working together to repair a broken fuse on the interconnecting board

Aside from photography, videography has also been given more attention this season. Earlier this year, our team produced its first-ever mini-documentary, showcasing the stories, hard work, and dedication of its members. It is our hope that we can continue using the medium of film to advance our team’s outreach ability and community engagement in the future. 

With our club being as busy as it is, the documentation of everything that goes on is a task that no single member can take on alone. It is a full team effort from everyone involved to pitch in, and this year, it has been quite successful. Aside from visual documentation, our team also utilizes daily surveys to keep track of the progress of members as they work on the car. All these resources, surveys, photos, etc. will eventually be used to put together a team scrapbook that highlights the team’s long journey together this season. 

Eliada Tran (9), Greta Kim (9), Alexis Lee (11), Hai Lin Truman (11), and Atticus Caudle (9) preparing the car during a testing session 

It is the goal of our documentation, to not only engage with others in the present but also to use for new members in the future. Documenting what goes on with the team provides the future members of the team with something they can reference for their own work, so they may further advance upon the ideas and knowledge our current team has gathered over time.

The RAHS Green Energy team has a lot more going on behind the scenes than simply design and construction; it is a collaboration of many people each contributing different parts and actions to make our finished car as great as it can be. Documentation is a crucial element in ensuring that the efforts of each of our members are preserved for the future. Expect to see more of what our team has been working on in the months to come!

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