Construction Developments

Featured, General, Structures / Monday, January 23rd, 2023

As we look towards beginning the construction of our car, one of the things that we must make sure of is that the layout and size of the cockpit fit our drivers safely and is adequate for all systems necessary inside the car. This is accomplished through the construction of something called a “mockpit”  (model cockpit).

Lucien Freemesser (12) enjoying lunch in the mockpit

We constructed the mockpit out of wood using a tab and slot design, allowing us to fit all sides and ends of the cockpit together like puzzle pieces. Not only does this process work for our wooden mockup, but it will also be the same method we use for our final carbon fiber honeycomb design. After construction, we had our various sizes of potential drivers sit in the mockpit to test the maximum spacing capabilities. With these notes, we are able to make the finer adjustments in our model to ensure peak driver comfort and most importantly, their safety. It also allows us to plan out the placement and sizing of things like displays, buttons, and other components we will need inside the car.

The CAD model of our mockpit!

One of the other things we were excited about was the need to clear space in our shop for the groundwork of the car. We did this by getting a brand new container for our school!

The new container!

The team has been working hard to remove all raw materials and organize them neatly in the new container, giving us the space to eventually get our old car out of the way and build our new car. We can’t wait!

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