The 2023-24 Season is off to a Promising Start!

Post of the Week / Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

It’s time to get the ball rolling! The team is all together, finishing up onboarding, and is currently preparing SOCKEYE for this year’s race. What else have we been up to? Students on the team are investing their time in various projects, including learning about solar panels, modifying the vehicle trailer, and more. Every two weeks this season, you can continue to track our progress through these blog posts. For now, let’s talk about what’s happened so far.

Each year, we start with what we call our “Onboarding” process. In onboarding, Interested members navigate a variety of introductory materials as they begin to get involved within the team. We’ve already had seven new members complete our onboarding process and more are on the way. Onboarding is the essential first step of the year, where each member of the team reads the rules, watches introductory videos, and completes a few practice problems. The final step of the onboarding process is an onboarding review “test” which is self paced and low-pressure. Once new members feel comfortable with the onboarding material and ready to take on a project, they take the review test and choose a project. I’ll save the details of those projects for future blog posts, but keep scrolling for a sneak peek at what some of the new team members are doing. 

Additionally, we are excited to announce our new advisor for this year! The team’s previous advisor, Scott McComb, has advised the team since the beginning. We could not be more thankful for his contributions. Mr. McComb informed the team that he would prioritize his time towards other things. He still is dedicated to Green Energy and supporting hands-on education at RAHS, and continues to supervise the team three early mornings per week. 

(Mr. McComb, RAHS Physics Teacher)

With the advisor position open, RAHS’ Principal Mrs. Tipton stepped up to take Mr. McComb’s place. Additionally, Ms. McGuire, Ms. Tranholt, Mr. Joshi, Ms. Shin, and of course, Mr. McComb have all graciously offered their time in the mornings or afternoons to supervise us, making sure we are safe in the shop. 

(Ms. Tipton, RAHS Principal/GET RAHS Advisor)

The beginning of the year is going great. We have high hopes for testing, which will start in early spring, and the race itself in July. Follow our future updates by keeping track of our blog posts and Instagram. Stay tuned!

(Kaitlyn and Julen are working on a new soldering system for solar panels)

(Caden is learning to code)

(Bixby, Dylan, Yonatan, and Otto are working on a tool wall)

(Matthew is designing booster seats)

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