From Theft to Victory Lane: The Rebirth of our Racing Trailer

Design, General, Post of the Week / Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

As the team continues to progress toward Texas, it is important to revisit old projects to see how they can be improved. One of these projects is the open-top trailer that was built for the 2022 race. With SOCKEYE’s new wheel profile, we needed to modify the trailer to fit.

Unfortunately, as the new design for the trailer was being discussed and finalized, the trailer was stolen on June 20th 2023.

Shortly following this incident, a police report was filed. With this in addition to the unfortunate news that we could not race last year, the team was devastated. 

Trailer being relocated

Later that year, we received our first piece of good news in a while. The trailer had been found! It was spotted about a mile away from where it was stolen with boards across the surface so it could be used to steal more stuff, including a lawnmower and a quad.

They left us their lunch box for the trouble

Now that we had the trailer back, it was time to finalize the design. We will be using 2, full length and much wider channels to accommodate the wider rims and front to rear wheel offset. We chose aluminum channels to reduce weight while still keeping a solid structure and sleek look.

This trailer is vital to our success and safety at Texas Motor Speedway. The rules require a trailer to quickly get the car off of the track in the event of a breakdown. The modified trailer allows us to be much quicker when we need to safely transport the car in emergencies because of its faster load time. Along with this, it makes transporting the car much more secure due to the suspension it provides while used in conjunction with the larger, open top trailer.

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