June Update & Upcoming Outreach Events

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As the 2023-2024 school year comes to a close, the Texas team has been hard at work making final testing decisions and modifications to SOCKEYE and preparing for the 2024 Solar Car Challenge. Along with these preparations, the Green Energy Team has been gearing up for several outreach events to give others the chance to experience hands-on engineering subjects through solar energy!

In the past, our outreach events have been targeted to give these opportunities to fellow students in the Highline Public School District. Most notably, our 4-week program with Hazel Valley Elementary School in 2023 allowed students to design, iterate, and race their own miniature solar powered cars. With overwhelming success in inspiring students to support clean and renewable energy systems as well as exposure to the unique engineering experiences we pride ourselves in, the team has long sought to expand our outreach program to students and adults alike outside of the school systems.

Kaitlyn teaching during Freshman night

Through our efforts, we are excited to announce several upcoming outreach events where members of the team will be showcasing their engineering work on SOCKEYE as well as guiding others in designing their own miniature solar powered cars. For instance, students will be set up at the Museum of Flight starting at 4:30PM to present SOCKEYE and discuss our plans for the Solar Car Challenge. We would love to see some of you there!

Following the Solar Car Challenge in mid July, our team will be back with another miniature solar car outreach event. This year, we’re excited to be showcasing our program at Newport Way Library on July 27th! Whether you’re interested in getting experience designing miniature solar cars or if you want to hear more about the National Solar Challenge, we encourage you to come meet us at Newport Way Library from 1:00-3:00PM. 

SOCKEYE and it’s predecessor Jimmy

In case you can’t tune in for these upcoming events, feel free to read through our upcoming blog post updates during the Solar Car Challenge in Texas and updates of these upcoming outreach events. Make sure to keep track of our blog post here and our instagram to know first about upcoming outreach events!

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