Seating and Safety

Design / Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

While having a working and efficient car is important, it’s all for naught if our car doesn’t comply with the Solar Car Challenge’s safety standards.  It’s imperative that our car is safe for the driver and those around the car and so, acquiring our required 5-point harness and a good seat for our driver was one of the first tasks we tackled.

Our seat and seat belt were designed first as it would dictate how we structure the rest of the chassis since the seat belt needs to be attached a certain way at different anchors on the car.  Additionally, our roll bar would also need to be designed so that the harness could attach to it.    

G-FORCE Racing 6000BK - G-FORCE Latch and Link Individual Shoulder Harness Sets
A picture of our harness

The seat we are currently using is a spare school chair that was given to us by our school.  This seat is only a placeholder and we are planning to buy a more final chair soon. 

Our next steps include buying the new car seat and making sure that the car is in proper condition to attach this new seat as well as the 5-point harness. 

There have been no issues that we have encountered so far

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