Need For Speed: Solar Car Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics, Featured / Thursday, December 13th, 2018

The aerodynamics of our solar car are full steam ahead. A smooth body will ensure that the power from our motors is spent moving the car instead of opposing the drag.

Essential elements of our aerodynamic body:

  • Fairings around wheels
  • Smooth airfoil shaped body surrounding chassis
  • Aerodynamic solar panel frame and struts

We connected with professionals at Boeing who offered key insights on aerodynamic design, construction, and project management. Following the meeting we fit an airfoil around the chassis of the car using Adobe Illustrator.

Artboard 1

 Now that we have an airfoil that fits around the shape of our car, we will create a CAD model of our body by lofting the airfoil shape over the chassis of the car. We think that the body would be crafted out of foam because it is moldable, sturdy and light.

After designing the shape, we will build a small-scale version to test the feasibility of construction.

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