We’re Going to Texas!

Featured, General / Monday, March 18th, 2019

Registration has been submitted and we are an official competitor in the 2019 High School Solar Challenge at the Texas Motor Speedway!

Team members have been putting in hours after school and on the weekends to design and build the remaining components of the car, and complete registration details.

The competition will take place July 11-18, it’s a long way off, but our car will be subject to strict inspections and safety checks, rightly named “scrutineering” by the official judges in Texas.

Technical drawing of the solar car with frame mounted on top.

Hard at Work in the Shop!

Teddy drills the rivet holes for our solar panel frame.
Solar panel frame ends. Made from aluminum tube that was bent and riveted.
Mateo plans out the supports for the aerodynamic shell.
Completed aerodynamic shell support. Welded by George with steel.
Xavier cutting plastic spacers for the solar panel frame. Assembly of the 5 x 1.8 m frame will soon be completed.

Check Out Our New Sponsors Tab!

As part of our work to prepare for the competition in Texas, we have stepped up our fundraising plans. Each team member is leveraging their connections for financial support of the entire team.

We are currently 50% of the way towards our goal of raising $65,000.

The money we are raising not only helps us buy materials for the car, but helps our students travel to Texas to compete with all of the hard work they have done.

All donations are tax-deductible and can either be made online or by check. Please make check payable RAHS PTSA – Green Energy Team, and mail to Raisbeck Aviation High School 9229 E Marginal Way S 98108.

BUSINESSES: Your logo will appear on our website if you submit a donation. Please see the sponsors tab for categories of support. We also accept in-kind donations, such as materials and services.

We are grateful for all of the support from our community.

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