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Featured, Structures / Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

As we are starting to focus on finishing up the structure of the car, we have a lot of welding to get done putting on structural supports. George, our team welder, has been helping other students on the team learn how to weld. As you can see in the picture to the right, there are many small pieces of metal that need to be welded to the chassis to support, which is a big job for one person.

Before students were able to weld on the actual car, they started with practice welds on scrap metal and made this beautiful art piece.

Before being able to do welds on the car, George helped teach teammates how to do welds on scrap metal. They started by trying to do straight lines on the surface of the metal, and when they got comfortable with that skill, they moved on to welding two pieces together horizontally. Once those welds were good, students then tried welding a piece perpendicularly to another. Finally, they learned how to weld the smaller metal piece similar to the structural supports that would be welded onto the car to finish off their spectacular welded art piece.

After a lot of practice welding, students were able to gear up and try welding on the car. They welded small steel structural pieces onto the chassis of the car, and got comfortable welding at different angles. There is still a lot more welding to do, but we now have a bigger team of certified welders to get everything done!

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