High speeds and high temperatures for Day 2 of Racing!

Featured / Wednesday, July 17th, 2019
Right before crossing the line to count towards a lap

RAHS GET started out fast on day two thanks to the bright, clear skies. However, we did have a few hiccups throughout the day. A few laps into the race, our ‘gas’ pedal became loose and fell off. Fortunately because we have cruise control installed, we were able to continue racing safely around the track to come into the driver changing station where George quickly fixed the pedal and got the driver back on the track in less than 2 minuets!

Later on in the day coming into turn three, our back right tire started to deflate. Fortunately, our driver was able to respond quickly and get the car back into pit row so we didn’t have to bring out the chase vehicle to retrieve the car. Additionally, we were able to use our mandatory 30 minuet lunch break time to fix the tire and didn’t waste any time we could have spent on the track.

Our pit crew did an amazing job of responding to these situations quickly and efficiently. The team worked together very well to fix the problem and get the car back on the track without wasting too much time.

Our car getting ready to pass coming through turn one

Despite these two small setbacks, our car still performed exceptionally. We were able to end the day with 170 laps completed with about 20% battery leftover. This not only beat the track record again, but surpassed our own personal record from the day before. We are all delighted with the car’s performance and are excited for two more days of racing.

Our car received the 1st place trophy for day two of racing. We are extremely excited about our cars results, the wonderful teamwork, and our wonderful drivers. With 331 total laps after two days of racing we are energized and ready for the next two days.

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