2019 Solar Car Challenge Champions!

Featured / Friday, July 19th, 2019

The RAHS Green Energy Team drove nearly 1000 miles and won the 2019 Solar Car Challenge Advanced Division! We thank our sponsors and supporters along the way for believing in us and helping make the car a reality and our trip to speedway so successful.

Even though the final day started with technical difficulties (we needed to replace a malfunctioning MPPT, our horn failed not once but twice, and a tire blew), we were still able to achieve the highest lap count each day! We were awed by the sportsmanship of other teams, the Iron Lions team helped us flag when we needed to get off the track quickly and the Covenant Christian and Stony Pointe teams gave us a spare horn when ours malfunctioned. This has been a wonderful competition and we are excited for the things to come!

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  1. Great to race with you. Fantastic job and a really awesome design of a car (or is it a plane in disguise?). Pana Solar Team

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