Scrutineering Day Two

Featured, General, Solar, Texas / Friday, July 15th, 2022

With scrutineering complete for the team and all our drivers approved for the race, it’s safe to say that stress levels are lower than before. Nonetheless, there is much more to do. Solar testing and practice driver swaps will prepare everyone for the race to come. After this, the team provided support to other teams who are still making their way through scrutineering.

Opal Heltzel (11), Timothy Jou (10), and Hagen Rankin (10) woke up bright and early for the second day to test how much power our team would expect from our solar array before each race day. Since there was no easy way to discharge the battery, they were careful to avoid charging to full capacity; they took data points at 10-minute intervals throughout the morning and evening. In the coming race days, the team will use this data to better understand the performance of our solar panels.

Opal Heltzel (11) and Hagen Rankin (10) testing solar panel output during the early morning.

After an all-team photo and a quick lunch break, the team came back to the garage to practice driver swaps and tilting the panels up. While practicing these actions, we were reminded of the importance of communication; clarity and fluidity led to a quick set-up. 

All team members practicing tilting the solar array

The team had the opportunity to learn from others and share some of we have learned along the way.

Lucien Freemesser (11) chats about Jimmy’s electrical system with members of another team

Some members of the team stayed late to finish collecting data from the afternoon

Zach Olsson (11), Maya Pena (12), Hai Lin Truman (11), and Timothy Jou (10) capturing irradiance vs. power data in the setting sun.

With our main goals accomplished for the day, the team went back to the hotel for a team meeting by the pool. Tomorrow, we will charge the car, prepare it for the race, and provide help to teams who need support.

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  1. Thanks for the great update, Hagen. It’s very exciting to hear about the details and demands required of the team. Sounds like you are all doing an awesome job at supporting each other. No surprise there. Go RAHS! You got this!!

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