Scrutineering Day Three

Featured, General, Outreach, Texas / Saturday, July 16th, 2022

As the scrutineering process for the Solar Car Challenge approached its conclusion, our team started focusing on last minute preparations for both our car and our team. We started off doing additional practice with performing pit stops and panel tilting, then moved on to small optimizations with the car. We covered the seams of our car with tape to decrease the amount of unnecessary air flow through the car.

Hai Lin Truman (11) seals seams in the car

Today was also the day for our official team picture at the Solar Car Challenge. The race photographer, Roddy Parkinson, brought the team to victory lane at TMS for both a formal and informal photo.

The team poses for a formal team picture at victory lane

During the excess time we had afterwards, we did our best to support other teams who did not yet pass the scrutineering process. We hope that all the teams can participate this year. 

As we think about the progress our team has made throughout this year, we want to recognize the support we have received from our sponsors and families back at Seattle. Our team would not be able to be here in Texas without the funding and hours from our team members.

The team is super excited for the upcoming race days. See you all on the track!

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